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Sometimes when you set out to cook a fancy meal for your family or a romantic evening for two, you always have a vision of the finished dish to look and taste like. A vision that closely resembles to a restaurant dish with elegant plating and refined flavors.

Unfortunately, what ends up on the plate is rarely comes close to your vision or it's missing something to spark joy. 


So don't despair, home cook our Ready to Assemble premium quality pre-cook are here for you and if you only need a little push to enhance the flavour or adding that spark to your dish, Galanggal's Artisan Food are here too!


Live your dream and become an instant Chef with Galanggal's Ready to Assemble Box.

Premium quality pre-cook protein ready to be delivers directly to your door, so you can put on your chef hat and assemble your meals in less than 30 minutes. 

Galanggal artisan food

Our artisan food products bringing purity and authenticity to ingredients and the traditional manufacturing process. We put an emphasis on ensuring that a wholesome, high-quality product is delivered to the you and now you can take them home too!

Spicy sauce harissa in a glass jar. East
Recipes & Ideas

Get recipes and ideas on how to best use Galangaal's Artisanal products. 


If you are interested in any of our products and wish to purchase it, please follow our instructions below on how to place an order.


Place your Order Via Whatsapp. Let us know, Quantity. Delivery Address & Delivery date.


Our team will provide further details including time of delivery.


Enjoy your coffee while we prepare your ordered Box & delivered to your home.

Don't feel like cooking? We look forward to welcoming you and to ensure you have an enjoyable visit.

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