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Is it permissible for Muslims to dine at Galanggal?

Since many muslim still confuse of Galanggal, here goes...

I’m Chef Fikri Jalil. I owned Galanggal. I got my sepet eyes and fair skin from Chinese and Malay ancestry. I’m a Muslim and Halal practitioner.

At Galanggal, we only cooked with Halal-certified protein and ingredients. Same goes with food preparation, we don’t use alcohol or lards.

Finally, our kitchen and serving utensils never have come into contact with alcohol or pork/lards. There wasn't any bone china either.

The most important, NO PORK or ALCOHOL is served or permitted in Galanggal.

We are a Muslim-friendly establishment, but you are the judge of your own faith.


Decided to come, please do let us know of your visit in advance. We look forward to welcoming you and ensuring a most enjoyable visit.

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