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Malaysia first rentable kitchens & dining space for food entrepreneurs.

Do your dream of opening a new restaurant?


Growing trend in the food industry could be a major interest to new entrepreneurs, small businesses or professional chef in opening a restaurant. Despite your growing passion to produce good food,  there are major challenges in business such as paying high monthly rent for your own dedicated space, high cost of setting up commercial kitchen that need to meet specific standards for safety, cleanliness and a few other features, renovation cost and not mention the cost to hire workers among others. 


That is why we took such care to design a Shared Kitchen facility at Galanggal Restaurant that will truly work for all kinds of small food business growth (We tested it ourself!). Our rentable kitchens and dining space have what you need - commercial equipment, cold and dry storage, prepping areas, commercial kitchen and also front house crew - so you can focus your attention on what really matters to your business bottom line.


WHAT WE offer?

Modern Kitchen in Workspace

Galanggal Shared Kitchen is a commercial space that has been licensed, certified, and equipped for professional food production.

Taking Orders

Mostly Shared Kitchen only offers commercial kitchen, but we understand it's important for you to have face to face interaction with your customer. Therefore Galanggal not only offers kitchen, but dining areas and connection with local food delivery partner part of the rental package.

Chefs Discussing over Food

Venturing into food business requires heavy preparation, We hear you perfectly well, you need an extra hands to help. We got you covered, Galanggal offer's resources from kitchen crew to front house services. Just let us know who do you need?

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

“Testimonials work great. Showing your reviews in quotes has a powerful effect on customers and makes them trust you.”

— Name, Title

where we at

Galanggal strategically located within Meru Raya a new township at Ipoh.


Meru Raya is a fast growing township includes various new shops, a shopping mall, Ipoh main bus and taxi terminal, Tenby International School, MAPS animation theme park and many other facilities on top of multiple types of housing areas ranging from RM200,000 to RM2 Mil.


Located across the North-South Highway from Jelapang, Meru Raya is also house over 10 government buildings and it only takes a few minutes to reach Ipoh Town.


Besides all the amazing development, Meru Raya is never quiet at night, this place is lively with bright lights, eatery and also family's leisure activities. 

Take that first step of opening a restaurant with

Shared Kitchen

Getting Started

1. Fill out the form.

2. We contact you &

schedule a tour!

3. Love what you see,

close the deal.

4. Start preparing! 


WhatsApp +601 9241 5034 

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