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Saturday to Thursday. 1pm - 9pm, Closed Friday.
New Operating Hours 1pm to 9pm
Welcome to Galanggal

Welcome to Galanggal, we’re delighted to have you join us for a delicious meal!

Customer favorites

When you visit Galanggal, it’s hard to go wrong with any of the dishes on our extensive menu. But how do you choose?

Perhaps you can take some advice from our customers to help you choose. Here are our customers’ three favorite dishes.

Fettuccini Bolognese
Lamb Shank Arrabbiata
Duck Confit

Do let us know the date, time and no. of pax in advance before you drop in. You can even pre-book your favourite dishes to avoid unavailability. We look forward to welcoming you and to ensure you have an enjoyable visit.


Sustainable. Local. Delicious

In Galanggal, we offer our customers the opportunity to enjoy fresh food from various farms in the surroundings and near the town of Ipoh. Bet you never guessed the nice duck meat is from Taiping, juicy chicken meat from Menglembu and of course greens from all over Ipoh. Additionally, we also planted some of our own ingredients via Companion Planting technique. We plant herbs and different type of greens within the same plot so that the plant can support each other for better pollination, pest control (yup! we don’t use pesticide) and to increase crop productivity.


We pride ourselves on serving our customers with the freshest and flavourful foods as well as celebrating and supporting our local food producers throughout Perak.

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From local
to local

Our Philosophy - From Local to Local.

At Galanggal, we have crafted a platform that wholeheartedly supports our local food industries and talented individuals. Not only do we source from local producers and farmers, but our primary furnishings and decorations are also created by the skilled hands of young wood craftsmen from Ipoh.

A café is only as warm and welcoming as the people within it. We’ve engaged local talents, who we fondly refer to as our little Galanggal family, to form our dedicated café crew, ensuring every visit feels like coming home. At Galanggal, we believe our café does more than serve good food. By staunchly supporting locals, we distribute prosperity in our own modest way, ultimately fueling the vitality of our local economy in the long run.

Image by Alyson McPhee
wanna cook like a chef?

Embark on a Culinary Journey with Galanggal's Ready-to-Assemble Box!

Savor premium quality, pre-cooked proteins delivered straight to your doorstep with Galanggal. Don your chef hat and effortlessly create delectable meals in under 30 minutes. Unleash your inner chef and live your culinary dream, one easy, delicious meal at a time. 

Galanggal artisan food

Discover Purity and Authenticity with our Artisan Food Products.

We are devoted to embracing the traditional manufacturing process and utilizing genuine ingredients to create our culinary offerings. Our emphasis is on delivering a wholesome, high-quality product directly to you. Now, the excellence of our artisan foods can find a place in your home too!

Spicy sauce harissa in a glass jar. East
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